Who is the Çap Project?

Çapoğlu Forestry Products Ltd. was founded in 2009 in Istanbul. It has started its business operations with the wholesale of materials.

Based on its experience and reliability attained in the sector, it has created a wide range of products and, achieved its corporate identity within a short span of time. Our company considered as a reliable partner by its customers due to its commercial principles has started to sell furniture accessories in line with the requirements of its customers. Çapoğlu Forestry Products Ltd. has started to manufacture its products in the field of furniture decoration in line with the requirements of the individual projects and customers through its modern, professional machine park and expert staff within its business operations widely recognized in the sector since 2011. Aiming for professionalism and continuous improvement in its operations at all times, Çapoğlu Forestry Products Ltd. created its own brands “capproje”, “capmob”, “capdoor”, “capkitchen” and “capofis” in 2013 in order to deliver the best service and production to its customers.

Our belief that our work discipline and elaborative working system is one of the most important dynamics in our business and, our strict commitment to the integrity in all living spaces from houses to hotels, offices to stores, cafés to restaurants have always been and will always be our strongest supporter in the stage during which we make your dreams come true.

We are well aware that everything dreamed about first start to appear on the piece of white paper and, therefore we get inspired by a concept design and, apply it as a visual perception management properly designed. We believe that communication is the most effective way to attain the dreams, elegance, designs and comfort.

We believe that communication is the most impressive way to dreams, aesthetics, design and comfort.

We know that sharing ideas with customers at all stages is necessary for the highest level of satisfaction.

We aim to make functional, elegant and comfortable locations livable ones.

What Çapoğlu Forestry Products Ltd. Does?

Sales of SHIPBOARD – MELAMINE COATED CHIPBOARD – MDF – MDFLAM – SOLID – OSB – PLYWOOD – DOOR PANELS – PVC Side Bands – Furniture Accessories and Laminated Flooring and Solid Parquets.

Production and applications of interior doors, Production and applications of kitchen cabinets, Production and applications of home furniture, Production and applications of office furniture, Production and applications of decoration concept project furniture for Villas, Residences, Apartments, Management and Office Areas

A professional architectural design & application office has been formed to deliver you the best service in your projects as a reliable solution partner. It offers high quality products based on computer-aided production allowing a technological advance in line with the requirements of your projects.

We continuously make investments in the field of manufacturing for which new technologies are quickly developed in order to raise the bar for our quality and service standards. We adopt production and management principles at ISO standards in this field.